dijous, 15 de juliol de 2004



In the midst of a midsummers dreaming
A dog is barking ‘cause he thinks he smells a thief
Inside the gates of the garden of Hamlet's ghost
But underneath the gown of the queen lies the host who's
Drunk out of his mind on princely pleasure passions
When its time to duel he merely
Throws his hat into a
Ring of Fire - of a ritual ceremony
Designed to curse the living for blessing what they knew was phony
All the time

But all these words are merely cleverly orchestrated
To hide my pain and so I don't overstate it
To avoid you embarrassment or squirming in your seats
Help you to say thank you to all the people that you meet
While swimming or dating or looking in the mirror
We'll go on forever we'll be dead
Before the fear gets in

Oops there goes that dog again and the release of children's voice
Playing in their fantasies
When Hide and seek are choices
We seem to make while picking a sound mate
Someone to participate in this experiment of love and hate
But lying with you
That's what I would rather do
‘Cause rhyming words won't save the kurds
‘Though I guess they ought to
If poets were king
This world would change its marching tune
And nothing would get done until very, very very, very late
In the afternoon

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