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La MLA (Modern Language Association), fundada el 1883 i punt de referència als Estats Units pel que fa a llengua i literatura al món acadèmic, acaba de fer pública aquesta declaració sobre les eleccions presidencials nord-americanes a favor de la llibertat de càtedra i condemnant la "injusta retòrica que apunta als més vulnerables". Tot seguit s'ha afegit al text l'ACLA (American Comparative Literature Association).

MLA Statement on the 2016 Presidential Election

Throughout the campaign and in the aftermath of the presidential election in the United States, sharp political lines have been drawn that pit groups and individuals against one another on the basis of national origin, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, migration status, ability, class, and other forms of identity. The Modern Language Association reaffirms in the strongest terms possible its commitment to free inquiry and academic freedom for all, unimpeded by acts of prejudice and hate. We note especially the need to offer support to those who are the most vulnerable and condemn the unjust rhetoric that targets them. We recognize that the humanities and humanistic knowledge are now more essential than ever to help guide us in these difficult times, and we pledge to maintain the MLA as an organization open to all individuals who share our commitments.

[The Executive Council approved the following statement in November 2016.]

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